Terms & Conditions –¬†Picture Cash Deposit

I authorize Element Federal Credit Union to perform this transaction on my account.

I will receive provisional credit for my cash deposit. I have 24 hours from the time of this request to deposit actual cash into my account at Element FCU free of charges. If I desire, I may take up to 48 hours to deposit actual cash into my account, and I will pay a $5 service fee. If I do not make my deposit within these time frames, my provisional credit will be reversed and I will be charged a $29 fee. For this service, business hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm EST Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. Requests made on business days between these hours will receive same day deposit (within 30 minutes of receipt). If you Picture Deposit on a Friday, your actual cash deposit must be made by the following Monday, and you will be charged a $20 weekend convenience fee. The maximum amount of cash deposit is $500 per day. I understand I must qualify to use this service.

I agree to Element Federal Credit Union’s electronic forms submission policy as well as these complete Terms and Conditions.