Cars & Trucks

We can help finance your business vehicles with great rates. Apply Now


If your business uses watercraft, we can help finance. Apply Now

Motorcycles & ATVs

We can help you business with motorcycles, ATVs and more. Apply Now

Campers & Trailers

If you love the outdoors but like some of the modern conveniences, we can help you cope in the great outdoors.


Leslie Nielson would be in awe of our aircraft loans.Apply Now

Credit Card

Set up cards for your employees. They’re easy to manage. Apply Now

Line of Credit

It’s comforting to have a little business line of credit when the need arises. Apply Now

Easy 180 Note

Need some cash now to hold you over until that reimbursement comes your way? Easy 180 or Easy 90 can help. Apply Now

Checking Accounts

Business Basic


This is the perfect account for small businesses and organizations with smaller balances and lower transaction volumes.
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Business Plus


This is the perfect account for small businesses and organizations with larger balances and moderate transaction volumes.


Business Payroll


Keep your employee payroll dollars separate from your other business expenses.
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Plastic Cards


We offer Business Auto, Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions, General Liability and Commercial Property.

Element Business

Offer Element services to your employees

  • Low loan rates for your employees
  • Higher savings rates
  • Financial counseling and planning
  • It’s a Win Win benefit for you and your employees
  • We treat you like a human being 🙂
  • It’s FREE!